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28 September 2023 - 29 September 2023
Firenze, Italy
IFIB 2023

Welcome to IFIB 2023

International Forum on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioeconomy” 

Florence - Italy,  September 28th-29th 

Innovation Center of Fondazione CR Firenze 

Address: Lungarno Soderini 21, 50122 Firenze 

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Confindustria Toscana, as partner of the Enterprise Europe Network, is organising, together with Circular Bioeconomy Cluster SPRING, Innovhub-SSI, Assobiotec - the Italian Association for the development of biotechnology, the 13th edition of IFIB - International Forum on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioeconomy - aimed at strengthening the bioeconomy network in the Euro-Mediterranean area and to promote partnerships.

The topic of the Forum is bioeconomy, with particular attention to industrial, white biotech. This year's edition will have a specific focus on biotech solutions applied in the textiles and fashion sectors.

Two sessions of pre-arranged face-to-face bilateral meetings (B2B) between Start-ups, Companies, Universities, public and private Research Centres in the field of industrial biotechnology and bio economy will take place in Firenze.

Participants will come from Europe and beyond to find potential partners for collaborations, business development, licensing agreements, joint ventures, research projects, exchange of experiences and partnership opportunities.

Topic Addressed

  • Bioeconomy and circular economy
  • Bio-based industries
  • Agro-food
  • Marine biotechnology
  • White biotechnology

Conference topics

  • Bio-based industries
  • Biocities and bioregions for the bioeconomy
  • Energy shortage- incentives to overcome the actual crisis
  • How to measure the bioeconomy
  • Circular bioeconomy at regional scale
  • Agrofood & new biomaterials
  • Start-up pitches
  • From Agriculture to Industries: the role of value chains
  • The decarbonization of the fashion industry: the role of biomaterials

Participation is totally free of charge.

For information and registration: https://ifib-2023.b2match.io/signup


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Location Innovation Center of Fondazione CR Firenze
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